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EU Referendum. UK votes Leave.

I feel sad, disappointed and even embarrassed that the country I chose to live in has made such a huge mistake.

The referendum was orchestrated by the nearly former PM, David Cameron to win back some of the voters that were stolen by Mr. Clown Farage. However, the campaign strategy has become a reality having the worst of the outcomes.

A divided conservative party and a poorly lead Labour party have clearly failed convincing its supporters to vote Remain. They have divided one of the most multicultural countries in the planet and make EU immigrants feel unwanted and homeless. Moreover it has divided British people themselves and it has re-opened the door for Northern Ireland and Scotland -which clearly voted in favor of REMAIN- to claim independence from the UK.

Cameron has created all this instability, and he is now leaving us to deal with it, well, us and Mr. Johnson, the former mayor of the city. London has hugely supported remain, which means the place which receives the highest amount of immigration, and the financial engine of the country, wants to REMAIN in the EU. I believe this is the moment when Londoners should take the streets, and clearly express that they want to remain and they are not willing to accept that the future of the capital of Europe is on Johnson’s hands.

I find it difficult to understand how a party like the Labour has not realized that this was going to be the scenario if Brexit succeeded. Cameron will resign and the country would be leaderless.  It is even more difficult to understand how the Labour party has not immediately asked for an emergency meeting in the parliament and push for new elections asap.

The UK right now, has no leader, which is once again a win for the more than conservative UKIP.

This referendum only has one winner: Nigel Farage.

Thank you millions of Britons for giving him his chance to shine.

RIP GREAT Britain. Welcome, not-so-United Kingdom.

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