The War on Hijab.

The War on Islam commenced not later than 2001 with the so called War on Terror. Most of my generation has grown up hearing and learning about the “extremist and oppressive character of Islam”. Politicians helped by the media have been ensuring to picture a negative portrait of Islam and Muslims with thousands of misleading headlines. This idea of Islam as extremist has been backed with an argument that highlights the oppression that Muslim women are submitted to, arguing that the hijab is

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The objectification of women: Rio 2016.

The Olympic games of 2016 are being held in Brazil. In Rio 2016, we continue to see an increase on the number of women representing their countries, following London 2012 – the first Olympics in which each participating country had female athletes among their team members-. But of course, along with the increase of female participation comes objectification. Less than a week into the games, most social networks’ users were already tired of talking about sports so they had to focus

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The reality of gender-targeted crimes

 Women losing their lives due to gender-targeted crimes is well known to all of us. Gender-targeted crimes go from honor killings, to Domestic Violence, including Marital rape, and of course, Female Genital Mutilation.  Gender-targeted crimes are a global problem that affects all societies around the globe in a higher or lower way. These crimes are deeply inserted into every patriarchal society, East or West, North or South.  The global scale of Gender-targeted crimes  Last year in Pakistan over a thousand women were killed

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