The importance of marching for women’s rights

On Saturday the 21st of January thousands of women’s marches were organised in many of the world’s capitals. This was a result of the Presidential Inauguration of Donald J Trump, on Friday the 20th of January. He is the 45th president of the world power: the United States of America. Many of us thought this day will never arrive, however, Trump won the elections and it is the legitimate president of the United States.

The day after his inauguration, women and men of all ages got together to march for women’s rights. This was already showing the discontent of a high number of the world’s population with the newly elected President,  with his sexist comments and ideas.

Why marching?

I have heard many people asking “But, why are you marching?” “That’s not going to change the result of the elections, Trump will still be the President”, “How is a march going to help?”.

Firstly, I would like to mention that these marches were organised to defend for women’s rights against the imminent threat from Trump. The marches were a response to the President’s misogynistic comments and statements about women, not just against the result of the election.

Secondly, women have fought to obtain fundamental rights through centuries. All the rights we have gained have been a consequence of this constant struggle which has taken many forms, including marches, protests and demonstrations. This struggle led us to obtain the right to vote in the 20th century in most countries in the world – the US in 1920-. We shall continue to defend our rights in whatever form we consider.

Lastly, Trump has made constant misogynistic comments about women: from commenting on the physical qualities of his female opponent, Clinton; to make offensive comments about women who choose to have an abortion, or the justification of sexual harassment. Trump represents what women have been fighting against for centuries: a misogynistic man in a position of power who wants to control women and their bodies.

Reclaim our rights

At time when many thought that women in the west had already won the battle and were granted fundamental rights, this man’s words only show that this statement couldn’t be further from reality. Women in the west, and elsewhere, continue to be discriminated against. We continue to be objectified, raped, controlled, hit; we continue to have men deciding over our bodies,

The election of Donald Trump and his words towards women only reveal the need for the women’s rights movement to be louder and more powerful than ever.  Women around the world need to use this opportunity to get together march and express even louder that these attitudes are not OK, that we will not allow it, and that we will continue to fight for women’s rights.


On Saturday the 21st of January, millions of women across the globe marched for women’s rights. We are aware we cannot change the result of the election. However, we can protest, march and claim our rights. We must get together, demonstrate, and express that the struggle continues, and we will not be silent.

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