Implications of Brexit and Trump’s election

In the past few months, we have all been hearing opinions about the consequences and implications of Brexit. More recently, Trump’s success in the Presidential elections has heighten states –make Britain/America great again- and those who advocate for a more collaborative solidary international order. The final impact of these two democratically made decisions will remain to be seen, but we can already see some of the implications of Brexit and Trump’s election. The beginning: Brexit Since June 23rd, we have all

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International Women’s Day

Yesterday, the 8th of March, was International Women’s Day. Millions of women (and men!) across the world, tweeted, marched, protested, strike and talked about women’s rights and gender equality. However, some people are still debating whether feminism is necessary, and whether all or some of the feminist claims are actually valid. I believe this comes from a complete misunderstanding of feminism. What is feminism? Feminism, like any other political ideology, or social movement is difficult to define and probably every feminist

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