The mistake.

Cheating is probably one of the most famous topics related to romantic relationships, possibly because we can all relate to it. I would say most adults have either cheated or being cheated on. This is a very emotional topic and it usually carries opinions filled with guilt or anger, depending on whether you are the “victim” or the “perpetrator”. However, not much attention has ever been paid to the third party. The “other” one whom the cheater cheats on with.

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In love with love.

I recently had a very passionate argument with my mother. She is getting a divorce after her husband of 31 years -my father- cheated on her, twice. So clearly, she isn’t at her best. After discussing why she had allowed my dad back into her life after he cheated once, she felt deeply attacked and blamed so instead of listening to my argument she said, “well this isn’t actually your problem, your problem is that you aren’t happy because you

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