Food shaming.

I have been food shamed today.  A woman commented on the size of my lunch at work to then explain her successful weight loss journey. I felt attacked and I was so ready to get defensive – I probably did a little bit-. I felt ashamed of eating my food and so the first thing I did was justifying the nutritious content of my lunch. But I noticed something else. I have been that woman plenty of times before. I

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The dating game.

I hate online dating. Actually, I hate dating. I find it extremely time consuming, heavily anxiety generating and highly unrewarding. Today, I was talking to one of my friends who shares the same thoughts. Why on earth do people like dating? How do they find it enjoyable? I could not understand that people will find joy in uncertainty.  Through the years I have seen patterns in the dating lives of me and most of my friends, and to be honest,

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