Speak your truth, set your boundaries, express your needs.

A couple of days ago a friend told me that it was okay to express disagreement and your needs even in front of those who seem to be amazing and you are terrified of losing. Dah bitch! -you may be thinking-What a wonderful realisation! I know this seems obvious however how do you assert that without being labelled as paranoid or obsessive? How do you actually know you aren’t being any of those things? Too good to be true Plenty

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The objectification of women: Rio 2016.

The Olympic games of 2016 are being held in Brazil. In Rio 2016, we continue to see an increase on the number of women representing their countries, following London 2012 – the first Olympics in which each participating country had female athletes among their team members-. But of course, along with the increase of female participation comes objectification. Less than a week into the games, most social networks’ users were already tired of talking about sports so they had to focus

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EU Referendum. UK votes Leave. I feel sad, disappointed and even embarrassed that the country I chose to live in has made such a huge mistake. The referendum was orchestrated by the nearly former PM, David Cameron to win back some of the voters that were stolen by Mr. Clown Farage. However, the campaign strategy has become a reality having the worst of the outcomes. A divided conservative party and a poorly lead Labour party have clearly failed convincing its supporters to vote

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